Set up your Power Virtual Agent and combine with Power Automate

As part of the big “wave 2” October release Microsoft has released a preview version of Power Virtual Agents. In essence, Power Virtual Agents empowers subject matter experts at your firm to create bots in a code-free graphical interface. This sounds to good not to try it out. Set up: The fastest bot in the… Read More »

Method not found: ‘!!()[] System.Array.Empty()

If you ever come across the error: “Method not found: ‘!!()[] System.Array.Empty()” in V9 it is likely because of the fact that you have to ‘update’ your tracing for V9. Before V9.0 you had the possibility to add tracing by just adding the message and discarding the params object. So you could add tracing like… Read More »

Migrate CRM on-premise to online using Dynamics Lifecycle Services

Migrate your on-premise CRM to online using Dynamics Lifecycle Services Dynamics Lifecycle Services contains a private preview feature that helps facilitate the laborious process of moving an on-premise Dynamics CRM organization to a later version or to the cloud. About a year ago Aditya Varma presented a session at Microsoft Ignite about this topic. AS-IS,… Read More »